Meghan Lehman

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Born and raised on the coast of California, singer/songwriter Meghan Lehman blends her heartfelt, confessional lyrics with country-tinged melodies that make known the formative years she spent listening to musical heroes like Joni Mitchell, Lucinda Williams, and Gillian Welch. 

Though she wrote poetry and sang from a young age, it wasn’t until her time in college that Meghan taught herself to play guitar and wrote her first song. After the released her first album, A Stranger Here, in 2009, she took some time off for marriage, the birth of two daughters and the quotidian grind of making a living in Santa Barbara.

In November 2018, while listening to a Lucinda Williams album, she experienced the proverbial lightning strike of revelation. She had to figure out a way to write and play songs again, it was the dream that would not be ignored. With a full-time job and a young family, Meghan is carving out time for the dream that will not go away: writing, singing and sharing her songs. 

Photo by: Jess Roy