Elizabeth Poett was born and raised on Rancho San Julian, her family’s 14,000 acre cattle ranch on California’s Central Coast. She grew up climbing trees in a tutu and cowboy boots, gathering cows, and helping her mother cook and host events, from brandings to tea parties. 

Elizabeth Poett left the ranch to attend Santa Catalina, a residential high school in Monterey, CA, where she got her first taste of the food entrepreneur’s life overseeing school bake sales, and then attended Kenyon College in Ohio, where she joined the Rugby team and learned how to make yummy cocktails with cheap beer. After college, Elizabeth moved to New York City where she lived in what may just be the smallest apartment in all of Greenwich Village, learned to cook on a budget, and also got a crash course in foods and flavors from around the world, thanks to a variety of jobs in the restaurant industry. 

In 2007, Elizabeth Poett moved back to the ranch and started a business, Rancho San Julian Beef, selling her family’s ranch-raised beef directly to chefs and consumers. Around the same time, she met Austin Campbell, a handsome local rancher whom she married in 2009. The couple and their two young sons now live on the ranch in a house that Elizabeth’s great-grandmother built in the early 1900s. While Austin works on the ranch, Elizabeth oversees beef sales and spends her days looking after cattle and the sheep, chickens and turkeys that she raises seasonally, as well as cooking (and canning and pickling) with all of the delicious and varied ingredients the ranch and California’s Central Coast have to offer.